3 Levels of Proxy Servers’ Anonymity

Proxy servers aim to secure the users’ data and their identity as well as keep their information away from hackers. It has become a trend lately since people are more aware now of all the threats they might face when browsing the Internet. Before that, only businesses used proxy servers of different kinds. Some companies used them to restrict the access of their employees to certain websites, some – in order to keep the sites from crashing since numerous computers reached it from the same IP. Needless to mention, they needed it to protect the company’s data and the customers’ sensitive information.
Now people have found out the numerous benefits of using proxy servers for their online experience. As you make your choice, you should account for different factors including the level of anonymity. When you visit, you’ll find out which kind of proxy will be the most suited for you.
In order to choose the best proxy for you, you must be aware of the anonymity levels they can provide. Every kind has pros and cons but they also serve various purposes. Take it into account when making your decision.
The level 3 is the lowest level proxies. They are often called caching or transparent since they don’t secure the IP address. However, they are not entirely useless. They serve to speed up the browsing because they cache the data exchanged between the website and the user.

The level 2 proxies are also known as anonymous or distorting ones. They are less expensive than the elite proxies but they secure less protection. This is the moderate proxy server which is great for online gaming. The users will appear to use different IP addresses (that’s why it got the name distorting). Play your favorite online games with the help of
The level 1 proxies can also be called elite or high anonymous. They secure the highest protection and are considered the best way to protect your identity on the Internet. Using this server, the websites won’t have the slightest idea you visit them since the proxy will mask the IP with another one or totally hide it. They are the most expensive option because they offer many perks.
If you don’t want your information leaked, you should buy the best proxies from the most responsible sellers. Check the company’s reputation and users’ reviews before making a purchase.