Staale Fossberg Provides Guidelines On How To Make Long-Term Investing Successful

The stock market offers much more fascinating returns but because of the part of risk many people choose to avoid it. And the worst part of this is that they may enter the market at the peak and then sell out later on at the underside.

Staale Fossberg offers guidelines on how to make long term investment successful

Staale Fossberg is the CEO of MPT or My Private Trade and he established this in cooperation with Morten O. Andersen at Simray Holdings LLC says that stock trading can be financially satisfying if done in the right way. MPT encourages people to believe that they can generate money by being good networkers and salespeople. Staale states that by following the below mentioned points one can build a large stock portfolio over a long period:

  • In order to reduce the risks one can just invest in a number of stocks in diverse markets and in bonds, stocks and mutual funds. And the thumb rule is that not a stock or other venture should be in excess of ten percent of the whole portfolio. One should also invest in varied geographic locations as well as budding markets.
  • Do not restrict taking advice instead one should take advice from various sources. One should invest in companies whose products and strategies one likes. There are a huge number of comparison sites and other resources on the internet to help an individual analyze and understand investments.
  • Investors frequently place stress on the price earnings ratio as it is one key tool among many. However, it is said that utilizing only this ratio to make buy or sell decisions is hazardous and risky. The price earnings ratio must be deduced within a framework, and it should be used in combination with other logical processes. So, a low price earnings ratio does not essentially mean a security is underrated, nor does a high price earnings ratio essentially mean a company is overrated.
  • The most complicated part about investing is that people try to make well-versed decisions based on things that have yet to take place. It is vital to bear in mind that even though one uses past data as a sign of things to come, it is what takes place in the future that matters most.

Staale further states that the main goals in investing are to develop and protect the money. One should therefore always try to reduce the amount of tax one pays and maximizes after tax return.

Previous to his stint as the CEO and of creator My Private Trade, Staale Fossberg has been working as the company director for a large number of companies, such as Jungle Norway Limited, Conecto Invest Limited, and Superdobro LTD. With the assistance of Mr. Fossberg, My Private Trade inspires its affiliates to believe that they can produce income by being good salespeople and networkers, and that they can be part of the chief marketplace in the world.