Best Practices for Reaching out to Bloggers

Reaching out to bloggers might seem like a tedious or frightening task at first, but rest assured bloggers are friendly individuals who readily enjoy contact with potential clients. If you’re interested in reaching out to a blogger to market your product or services, then follow these simple suggestions and steps.

Study Your Writer

You can ask a blogger all you like about what it is they write about, but unless you know exactly what it is they cover, you are wasting your time. For example, if you want to market a video game, don’t just reach out to gaming bloggers in general—find ones who focus on the particular type of video game you have.

blogger outreach

You can do research on your writer by tracking them on blog sites and reading their works, and then summarising the style of their content and mapping out the content that would be great for your product. You can also contact a blogger in a more automated fashion, by using the services of others for blogger outreach.


Your message has to be as straightforward as possible. Don’t write e-mails like people write their posts. Keep it simple and easy to understand. People are busy, and the bloggers you are contacting are busy. Information overload is not the ideal way to attract someone’s attention. If you don’t get to the point within the second or third sentence of your message to a potential blogger, then you’ve lost them.

Show Some Passion

When you’re passionate about what it is you’re pitching, people are more likely to be passionate about the subject, too. Bloggers are writers, and all writers adore emotional pitches because it really means something to them.


However, passion is one thing and stalking a blogger is another. You don’t want to risk alienating those whom you’ve identified as having a lot of influence over your category.

Be Creative

Being creative is very important. If you have a breakthrough product or service, that’s wonderful—but if you are offering a product or service that has already been created, why should your influencer care? Unless there is something incredibly unique about your selling proposition, most bloggers are not going to bother. Explain how your product or service is different or use some creative content.

Build Trust

It’s all about relationships and trust with your bloggers. If you don’t have an existing relationship with someone who can reach out on your behalf, you’ll have to work hard to become their friend. Follow them on social media and leave a few comments on their blog. Building their trust will ensure they work harder for you in the future.

trust with your bloggers

Remember, you can kill a relationship just as quickly as you built it if you’re wasting someone’s time and don’t follow these suggestions. The best way to obtain a really excellent blogger who can market your product for you is to work hard for their attention and keep it. It will pay off in the long run because they will market your product with their full capabilities.